Human Insights for Innovation
and Brand Building

It’s never been more important for brands to connect with and really understand their consumer tribes (in their natural environments)…to truly know how they make decisions, their circumstances, what they value and prefer, and what they DO. It’s essential for your (new) brand to THRIVE in market and matter as well as to authentically provide the reasons to join your company. 


We live at the intersection of human insights, new product development and branding. We help clients by exploring categories and digging deeper to discover people's underlying and often hidden motivations, goals, emotions, beliefs and preferences as well as the relevant context and circumstances. The insights inspire identity and differentiation, guiding your offering and creative communication.


We deliver and use social, qualitative, behavioral and quantitative insights to help you strategically navigate the fuzzy-front end of innovation, expand into new categories, inspire campaigns and grow your brand with deeper insights, context and confidence!


“Jeff and his helpful team make sense out of the fuzzy, connect with the underlying human emotion, curate powerful insights and shape new ideas.”

– Janya Walsh, Director, Global Insights and Planning, Kellogg’s