We believe emotions and System 1 largely guide how people decide. But we should also understand System 2 to really know WHY people made the decision or feel a certain way.

We believe it’s important to dig beyond superficial data to uncover the hidden and unconscious drivers. We should marry creativity with data, finding insights in creative ways.

We believe in observing and making sense out of what people do, not what they say they’ll do.

Social media is full of consumer opinions, inspiration and unstructured data, but clients often don’t have time to make sense of it/utilize it for marketing or innovation.

The company with the strongest tribe wins and brands need to really understand their tribes.

We believe in meeting consumers in the moment, in relevant times and locations.

We value creativity, resiliency, humility, collaboration, fun, curiosity, independence, integrity, and service to others.

We believe in bringing our unique and genuine selves to work and celebrating diversity. At DIG, you can be remarkably you!